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Are you seeking guidance? Do you want clarity about a challenge in your life? Whether you’re driven by curiosity or need, I want to bring understanding to your life.

My Tarot Practice

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I want you to feel empowered, safe, and loved in your life. Earth is a benevolent and caring environment designed for our growth—and you are here to experience transformation.

Readings Done from Anywhere

My tarot practice combines unique spreads and individualized reports to specifically fit each individual’s inquiry. With each reading I create a full report including a full depiction of the spread, a description of each card and its significance within the spread, and a summary and analysis. This reading format enables me to work with individuals from all locations, and I encourage inquiries from individuals who are differently abled or who are hypersensitive to environments.

I primarily work with The Spirit of Herbs deck, which I have studied for over two years. Your reading can include both traditional analysis as well as “Earthly Allies”—herbs and other earth-based tools to help you find the grounding and clarity you need.

Readings come in a two-page document including your unique spread, a description of the cards in it, and a full page of analysis. No prior knowledge of the tarot is required—reports are written so that anyone can understand.

Sample Reports

Readings typically consist of a unique three-card spread, and cost $10 payable via Venmo, Cash app, or PayPal. If you’re interested in an alternate reading format, or have questions about other payment options, please reach out to me using the Reading Request form—I’m happy to be flexible!

Read what others have said:

“Mason more than met me where I’m at — they presented the reading in a sophisticated fashion, free from judgment or agenda-driven advice. I was left feeling affirmed and trusting of my own intuition.” – Carly I. 

“Insightful, helpful, and the write-ups are very handy to refer back to later.” – Zayda F. 

“It was a piece of sunshine on a s***** day.” – Julia W. 

About Me

SAM_4816Mason Neil, they/them

I’m a student of life living in the Palouse region of Idaho—land belonging to the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) people. My passion is understanding the connection between humans and our planet, and exploring the ways in which we are evolving together. I believe current ways of living have alienated many of us from the natural environments that support our bodies and souls, and it is my goal to help rebuild that relationship for myself and others.

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