I recently found myself at a small restaurant that marketed itself as an eco-friendly establishment. Their ingredients were locally sourced, their water glasses devoid of straws, they used small rags instead of napkins, and so on. I love seeing examples like this of how the environmental movement has made an impact on mainstream businesses. As I began to explore the menu it came as no surprise to me that most of their dishes relied heavily on eggs, meat, and other dairy products. This isn’t unusual, yet when you consider that this is an establishment which values its environmental friendliness, there seems to be a paradox of marketing and product.

Many who brag about being hyper environmentally aware fail to realize (or accept) that what we eat has the potential to have the largest environmental effect of any part of our lifestyle. I question the motives of those who choose to forgo personal transportation or other modern amenities for the sake of the environment but continue to eat normal amounts of meat, when in reality cutting out beef from your diet alone can be much more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than giving up cars altogether.

I could go on about this for days, throwing all sorts of statistics and depressing articles at you, or could even go as far as one UK Green Party representative who advocated for treating all meat-eaters like smokers, campaigning for rehab programs meant to help omnivores transition to an herbivore diet. Instead, I’ll leave you with this simple, cruelty-free recipe for the beginning of summer. 


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetA Simple, Guilt-free Summer Treat

1 qt. Strawberries

1 c. Vanilla Yogurt (Dairy or soy)

½ c. Coconut Shavings (Sweetened, because why not)


This one is a doozy. Simply dip, dip, and kick back.



This article is the first of many that I will be writing for my school’s newspaper The Collegian for the upcoming school year. All issues can be read online at https://issuu.com/aswwucollegian.


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