Arrival in France

I’m in France. It’s fun. I don’t want to write a whole lot because I’d rather be out exploring the beautiful countryside. Here’s some short observances:

I’m huge. Everyone can’t stop talking about my height (I clock in at 6’6″). My bed doesn’t even let me stretch out in a straight line. I’m on a bunk bed with railings and I would pay a large amount of money to be able to lie down and stretch out at night. 

I’m liberal? I think my oversized flannels with socks-and-birks are a bit shocking here. And not just to the Europeans. A number of students here come from the South and Midwest of the States and aren’t sure how to interact with me. I hope I’m not intimadating. Once again, that may be an unwanted side-effect of my height. 

I’m having a great time. In class I understand about 20% of what is said, but I’m learning to embrace it. There is no room for pride. It’s a beautiful area, the people are nice and genuine, and my environmental footprint is possibly the smallest it’s ever been (WIN!). I’m a happy camper.


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