Do you ever do things purely for the aesthetic?

Last night I took a bike ride. All the necessary precautions were observed – I had a headlight that was quite strong and a taillight as well. However, once I reached the backroads without any motor traffic the stars were bright enough that I was able to turn off my headlight and ride in the silence of the night. The air smelled like sour cream and onion potato chips like it always does after the onion fields have been harvested, and I saw (well, I heard them first) two deer walking through an asparagus field already emptied of its crop.

As I continued riding I came across the airfield near my house. It’s used solely for personal planes and has no night traffic so I decided to venture onto the tarmac with my bike. The beauty of the stars was too strong to ignore so I laid down my bike and took a moment to observe.

Living up to my millennial title, I texted my dear friend Pixie and told her where I was. Great beauty demands to be shared. (There I go again, making cliche proverbs.) Within a couple minutes she arrived and joined me on the Tarmac. The conversation that followed as we stared up at the stars was one of the most genuine and raw human connections that I’ve had in a long time.

I’m happy to say I’m feeling better. Life isn’t perfect, and it’s not oversaturated with sunshine and rainbows. My anxiety hasn’t been magically cured. My depression has not vanished. But I can manage, and I’ll pull through.


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