My Copy of Silent Spring


Rachel Carson has long been one of my personal heroes. I look up to her in many ways–she was a writer, a lover of nature, and she lived in Maine during parts of her life. Those three qualities alone make someone pretty admirable to me.

I was combing through the nature section of my local used book store when I found this gem. A first edition of Carson’s most famous book, Silent Spring. I’d read it before, but getting a first edition was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Last week I read On a Farther Shore, one of the most recent biographies of Carson. After finishing it, I’ve found that I am even more in love with Carson and what she stood for. I now have a copy of all her books, and reading them is a way for me to spend time with her, and absorb some of the influence that she so effectively used to change her world.

As you can understand, my copy of Silent Spring is very meaningful to me. It represents a connection between me and a personal champion, and I will cherish it for a very long time.


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