We’re All Connected

I’m a very outgoing person, and I love talking to and learning about other people. However, not everyone is this way. It’s for this reason that I hesitate to ask questions that are on the tip of my tongue to customers who interest me.

One of our loyal customers who comes in at least twice a week is a nice ex-navy woman who is probably in her mid-fifties. Her hair is in a short slightly-edgy hairdo with a hint of what I would call a raspberry walnut color job. Beautiful. Anyways, last week I noticed she was wearing a crystal pendant with a star charm that was surrounded by a circle. This appeared religious to me, but I felt it wasn’t my place to ask.

Today, while I was riding my bike to work, I passed her on the road and we exchanged a short greeting. Thirty minutes later she came in for a drink, and I decided to ask her about the significance of her necklace. 

Turns out she’s a pagan/wiccan. I’ve never met someone with these affiliations in person, and I was delighted to make this connection. You don’t meet people like this every day!

We got down to talking about the basis in many religions of love and peace. We had very similar views on equality of the sexes, the governments role in the lives of the citizens, and so much more. I absolutely love connecting with people, and today’s little encounter cheered me up quite a bit. 

It’s my opinion that you don’t need a religion to label why you do and believe certain things. Can we not pursue peace and loving coexistence without needing a religion as our marketing ploy? However, I’m glad this woman has been able to find a home and belonging in the Wicca community around here (I’m not sure on how to correctly use the word Wicca).


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