Future: Hopes and Trends

Home is where the soul is overwhelmed.

With my renewed study of the food industry, I’ve been putting some considerable thought into what I will do with my time next summer. I have a steady job that will carry me through the year, but I want to do more.

The movement among my generation to return to the soil is gaining momentum, and I see it as a valuable use of energy. The connection we have with the Earth is fragile, and I would love to gain a better understanding of how my environment works. 

There are so many “problems” in our modern society that I find it overwhelming. You can’t fix it all. Hell, you alone might not be able to fix any of it. So what do you do? Do you give up?

I’m passionate about so many different fronts that it becomes difficult to decide what to put my energy into. However, lately I’ve been considering gaining some valuable experience working the land. It’s an experience that I will gain incredible knowledge from, let alone the juju I would be swimming in. 

The dream would be to find a great small farm in Maine that I could intern at over the ’15 summer. It’s all thought right now. Time will tell. 


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